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illuminated Signage Melbourne

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Custom Illuminated Signage Melbourne

Signages offer businesses the benefit of attracting customers and drawing their attention instantly. The brighter and better-looking signage is, the higher the chances of it being noticed by more customers.
There are various types of signages that businesses can use to attract their potential customers. However, the one type that stands out effortlessly and works for most businesses is illuminated signage. There are various types of illuminated signs like backlit, face lit, etc. You can choose any of these for your business, depending on your preference.
At Nostalgia Highway, you can find a range of illuminated signs for your business. We are leading manufacturers of illuminated signage in Melbourne and have provided thousands of businesses with quality signage solutions of their choice. Our signs are designed to meet the preference and needs of our clients.

Outdoor Illuminated Signs

Want a unique and fancy illuminated sign for your business? Get it customised by us.
Nostalgia Highway undertakes the manufacturing of custom illuminated signs for various types of businesses. No matter what type or size of illuminated sign you want for your business, you can discuss your needs and promise to deliver as per your expectations.

Why Choose Our Illuminated Signs?

Our illuminated signs are an excellent pick for various industries and applications. Businesses that install our illuminated signages can expect to draw the attention of their potential customers not just during the day but also during the night. An attractive, well-illuminated sign is far more effective than a usual one.
Whether your business is a start-up or you have established your name in the industry, you got to install well-designed illuminated signs to bring in more customers. For start-ups, illuminated signages can serve as an advertising tool. Whereas, for well-established businesses, they can serve as eye-catching boards indicating the location of the business for customers finding them.
When you get custom illuminated signs made from us, you can expect the following:
Quality Product
We believe in offering high-quality products to our clients. So no matter what type of illuminated sign you choose for your business, you can expect to receive a premium quality product from us. When we make signs for you, we source all materials from our reliable vendors to give you the best possible end product.
Affordable Pricing
Since we have been in this business for years, we know the tricks to make quality products at reasonable prices. You can discuss your budget with us, and we promise to design quality illuminated signage for your business within the set budget. At no stage, we compromise on the quality of the products we use to create the signages.
Quick and Easy Delivery
Once you hire us for manufacturing custom signs for your business, you can sit back and relax. Not only will we make the best quality product for you, but we also undertake the responsibility of delivering it to your doorstep once it is ready. The freight charges will depend on the type and size of your sign, so it is best to ask us for a quote for the same.


1. What is the importance of Illuminated Signs?

When you want to attract many customers to your business, an illuminated sign plays a vital role. It is an effective well-lit sign that makes your business name more noticeable throughout the day, no matter the weather condition. We, at Nostalgia Highway, provide a variety of illuminated signage in Melbourne. Having years of experience, we work with your business from concept to completion, providing long-lasting illuminated light boxes.

2. Which are the options available for illuminated signage?

The illuminated sign box makers at Nostalgia Highway provide all types of custom signs that suit your needs, from traditional light boxes to LED fabricated letters. You can use it for promoting your brands and Stuckists day or night. Overall, illuminated signs are preferred to create brand awareness while making it easy for people to remember your business.

3. How much do custom LED lights cost?

According to market research, custom LED lights cost you anywhere between $1,000 to $10,000 or more. However, this price can vary depending upon the size of custom illuminated signs you want, the amount of text on the light box, the complexity of the design, and much more. So, when you want to save money on your LED light boxes, we can help you.

4. Which element is used inside illuminated signs?

Argon or an argon-neon mix is used in illuminated signage. However, to improve the power of the light, most of the light box signs manufacturer adds a little quantity of mercury to the argon to make an intense blue light. Then after this light imposes various light-emitting phosphorescent materials coated inside the glass tube to create different colours.

5. What are the caring tips for your backlit sign letters?

To extend the life of your backlit sign letters and keep them looking bright, it is vital to take proper care. Also, ensure to maintain the electrics that supply power to the LED light boxes to boost their durability. Our team of experts will recommend getting suitably illuminated signage in Melbourne as per needs and at the preferred location.

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Nostalgia Highway undertakes the manufacturing of a variety of illuminated signs. You can enquire about the various types of signs we offer and request a quote for the one you feel is the most suitable for your business. You may also discuss your requirements with us to provide a customized sign solution for the same.

To connect with us, you may call or message on (03) 5626 2676. You can also fill in our contact form for us to give you a callback.