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Petrol Bowsers For Sale

Welcome to the petrol bowser store of Nostalgia Highway.
We have an excellent range of full size 50s style Australian petrol bowsers that can be a great choice for your automotive memorabilia collection. These antique petrol bowsers are vanishing from popular culture. Our petrol bowsers are an excellent choice to recreate the mid-20th-century vibe in your space.
While our range of antique petrol bowsers for sale is finite in numbers, the reproduction range allows you to get a replica of the antique pieces with no visible difference. Not just for pampering the memories, but these pieces are a true reflection of that generation.
Browse our range of fuel bowsers for sale to decorate your space with some vintage or classic touch.

Adding Value To Your Space

Whether you want a decoration or a relic of the Australian automotive industry, our range of petrol bowsers is an excellent option for you. No matter whether you want to create a garage, workshop, or barn with a vintage appeal, our range can be your immediate choice.
Remember that our range of antique petrol browsers appreciates their value by 100% every 8-10 years. Therefore, these browsers are an excellent choice for investment as well. However, keep in mind that the reproduction browsers do not appreciate as fast as their antique counterparts.

Vast Range Of Petrol Bowsers

Our diverse petrol bowsers allow you to choose the reminiscent of the automotive industry of the 1950s. You can choose petrol bowsers of the leading petroleum brands of those days, including Ampol, BP, Caltex, Esso, Amoco, Gulf, Mobilgas, Golden Fleece, Shell, and more.
Importantly, our reproduction petrol bowsers are accurate to original specs, making them suitable for game rooms, bars, garages, or collections. The reproduction petrol bowsers are an excellent option for you to recreate the rustic look at a fraction of the original cost.
Browse our range of petrol bowsers to see how you can amplify your environment.

A Range Of Accessories And Parts

We also offer different types of parts and accessories for petrol bowsers to make your shopping a comprehensive experience. For example, you can choose petrol bowser globes, nozzles, globe base plates, globe base lights up, and more.
We offer petrol bowser globes with the signs of leading automakers, petrol/oil, nostalgic brands, and more. We also supply globes with other leading consumer brands of the nostalgic era.
Do you want guidance in choosing the right product for your space? Contact our experts today to discuss your needs.

100% Australian Products

We are a family-owned business based in Australia. We source high-quality metals and materials from local suppliers to manufacture our range of petrol bowsers and other products. We have established specific manufacturing standards to ensure that our customers get superior quality, highly durable products from us.
We also have rigorous quality checks in place to ensure that our products exceed our customers’ expectations.

Australia-Wide Delivery

While we are a manufacturer based in Victoria, we do not restrict the delivery of our range of petrol bowsers in Melbourne. You can order the petrol bowsers and other products online, and we will deliver them to your address anywhere in Australia.
If you choose petrol bowsers, please allow us 14 days to deliver the product. The delivery charges vary according to the destination and the type of product you choose. You will see the delivery estimate while checking out.


1. What is a petrol bowser?

Generally, you must have heard about petrol pumps. That is what petrol bowsers are all about. They act as a fuel metering or delivery pump at a filling station in Australia. If you want to enhance your garage or workshop space, then go for antique or reproduction petrol bowser online. At Nostalgia Highway, we have a collection of different petrol bowser in Melbourne.

2. Where can you get the best petrol bowser for sale?

Are you the one searching for the petrol bowser for sale in Australia? If yes, then Nostalgia Highway is the one to trust, providing a unique collection of petrol bowser as per your needs. All the bowsers are made in Garfield with quality products and care. All Steel bodies cast aluminium tops and fittings. Correct nozzle, hose, and hose fittings are used.

3. What is difference between antique and reproduction petrol bowsers?

When you want to put something traditional into your automotive space, searching for an antique petrol bowser for sale online can be a great decision. They are nostalgic and evoke pleasant memories of simpler times. In comparison, reproduction petrol bowsers resemble the originals while saving money. Our team help you decide on the best fuel bowser as per your needs.

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Call us on (03) 5629 2676 if you have specific questions about our range of products or want guidance to buy. You can also use our contact form to write us your questions and concerns.