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Battery Wall Clocks for Sale Online - Australia

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Battery Clocks For Sale

Welcome to Nostalgia Highways for battery clocks to decorate your garage or attract your potential customers as road signs.
Our battery clocks for sale can help you talk about your business to onlookers while displaying time. It is not just like any other street sign, and the clocks serve the purpose of helping people know the time of the day and get a glimpse of your message.
You can also gift these battery clocks to your customers to get your brand message to reach their homes.

Perfectly Reflecting The Brand Voice

We manufacture and supply battery clocks that can reflect the brand voice in the best possible way. You can explore our range of clocks that displays Chevrolet, Coca Cola, Datsun, Ford, General Motors, Golden Fleece, and more to see how they can instantly bring the attention of potential customers.
Do you want clocks with the image of you, your business, or your family? Nostalgia Highway also offers a range of custom clocks that can uniquely decorate your environment. We imprint the image or logo into clocks with a vibrant and highly durable finish to appeal to the onlookers.

A Décor To Your Space

These battery clocks can be perfect décor for your space as they are available in different designs. These clocks are available in different shapes and colours to perfectly amplify your environment, not just with the finish. Additionally, many of our clocks are luminous, giving a new feel in darker environments.
Do you want clocks that can go well with your property interior or can give a standalone appeal? Talk to our clock designers today to convey your message and get aesthetically appealing clocks for your space.

Best Value For Your Money

Our range of battery clocks is made using high-quality metal – usually tin. To ensure a high-quality appeal, we do not use stickers or vinyl on our range of clocks. While we offer superior quality battery clocks, we also ensure that they are competitively priced to ensure the best value of our customers’ spend.
Our battery clocks for sale Online are available from $15 to $165 to help you choose products within your price range. We also offer discounts for specific products from time to time to make our products more affordable. In addition, with gift wrapping options available, you can order these battery clocks as gifts to your friends or family members.

100% Australian Battery Clocks

We are a family-owned business, and all our products are manufactured in Australia by sourcing the raw materials from local suppliers. We have established high-quality manufacturing standards to ensure that our customers get the best value for their purchase.
Additionally, we have specific quality checks and product audits to ensure that our customers get a seamless experience with our products. You can also get neon clocks, signs, petrol browsers, and several miscellaneous products to decorate your space. Browse our other products to learn more.

Australia-Wide Shipping

At Nostalgia Highway, we offer Australia-wide shipping for all our range of products, including our battery clocks. You can conveniently order the products online 24/7, and the shipping cost will be displayed based on the postcode and the clock you choose.
Keep in mind that our clocks vary in weight and size. Therefore, there is no standard shipping cost available for our products. You can also contact us to know the cost of shipping before ordering.


1. Looking for high-quality battery clocks for sale?
At Nostalgia Highway, we have a wide range of battery clocks for sale in Melbourne. We are dedicated to manufacturing custom battery clocks tin metal signs for your businesses, including your brand logo, name, or symbols. It is the best way to drive your customer’s attention towards your business by making them notice the brand name or logo. That is because the clock is the one element that no one can get their eyes off while entering the business premises.
2. Why does my battery-operated clock keep stopping?

When your battery-operated clock is not working correctly, the reason behind it is usually the battery. Either your battery has lost its charge, or battery acid has leaked, resulting in corrosion. One reason can also be internal mechanisms like cogs, springs, and other movements of the clock. Here you can look for the brand-new options for battery clocks at the Nostalgia Highway. In addition, we help you customise your clocks by adding your business name or logo.

3. Where battery operated clock tin metal sign most suitable?

If you own a bar, garage, or workshop, engaging customers towards your business is significant for growth. One of the best ways to do this is to opt for a battery clock tin metal sign and get it to hang in the entrance where the customer notices. Your brand logo on the clock is made on steel and is heat infused to get a vibrant and durable finish. We have a collection of all sizes of battery clock for sale across Australia.

4. How do battery clocks work?

The battery inside the clock sends electricity to the crystal via an electronic circuit. Furthermore, the crystal vibrates back and forth at a precise frequency of 32768 times per second. The circuit counts vibrations and uses them to generate electric pulses per second. Finally, these pulses turn on the LCD or drive an electric motor, spins the clock’s second, minute, and hour hands. It is how the entire battery clock mechanism works.

5. What are the features of neon battery clocks?

When you decide to look for battery clocks for sale, you get impressive features like an easy plug-in option into regular outlets, real neon glass tubes, high-grade glass cover, double-ringed neon, wall hanging mount, and much more. So, visit us online to get a unique selection of neon battery clocks best for your poolrooms, bars, garages, homes, and businesses. With us, you will receive money worth products within your budget.

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