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Neon Wall Clocks For Sale Online

Looking for a unique wall clock for your garage, store, shed or bar? Explore our collection of neon clocks.
We have a range of neon clocks to match the style and theme of various spaces. So whether you are finding a simple neon clock or a funky one, you can find a suitable one in our collection.
The neon clocks that we sell are an attractive and elegant addition to your space. Our timepieces will surely lend a stylish look to even the simplest of the wall. So when you choose a clock from our collection, you can expect a classy piece of superior make to arrive at you.

Why Choose Our Time Pieces For Your Walls?

Nostalgia Highway has a variety of neon clocks for sale. Our clocks are available in a variety of shapes, sizes or types. No matter what kind of wall clock you choose from our collection, you can expect it to have the following:
Quality Make
We sell only quality products! When you buy a timepiece from us, you can expect it to be made using premium-quality parts that look good and sturdy. Stylish things that are used to decorate your space may not always be of good quality. However, if it’s a timepiece that we are selling, you can be sure of its quality.
As our clocks comprise quality parts, they are sure to last long. We sell durable clocks to you, so there’s no need for you to find new clocks for your space every few months. Once you invest in our products, you will be happy to use them for a long time.
Exclusive Designs
We know how special your space is for you, and hence you would want to decorate its wall with the best. This is why we provide neon clocks with exclusive designs that will enhance the look of your shed, garage or any space instantly. With our neon clock collection, you will be spoilt for choices.
Unmatched Finish
Our products have a unique and unmatched finish to lend your space an elegant and classy look. So when you shop online with us, you can expect to receive clocks with an unmatched finish to arrive at your doorstep.
Australia-wide Shipping
No matter where in Australia you are located, if you like our clocks and wish to receive them, we will drop them at your doorstep. We ship Australia wide, so our customers can receive our quality products in any state of the country.
Shop 24/7
We are open to accepting orders 24 by 7. This means you can place an order for our clocks or other products at any hour of the day. We promise to accept your orders immediately and deliver your products to you on time.
100% Australian Owned and Operated
We are a family run business selling products that beautifully decorate your home, shop, shed, garage, etc. If you are looking for unique products to uplift the look of your property, you must browse our website. We are confident you will get something suitable for your home or garage, or shed in our collection.


1. What are vintage neon clocks?

The clock made of durable metal or plastic and shows off brightness that can attract people’s attention is classic neon clocks. It can be used in a cafe or any other business premise with a picture or logo that drives customer’s interest. At Nostalgia Highway, we have neon clocks for sale in different shapes, colours, and sizes. These clocks have accuracy and quartz movement.

2. Why choose Nostalgia Highway for buying a neon clock?

Over the years, we at Nostalgia Highway provide LED neon clocks for your home and business. From personalized neon clocks to the commercial neon clock, we give all as per your requirements. We are into offering stylish neon clocks that are durable and easy to hang on the wall. Our customised designed option will help you get the clock with your desired shape and art.

3. Which are the features included in neon clocks available for sale?

We provide indoor neon clocks for sale with a matte black backing as standard for maximum visibility. In addition, you can have a wide range of colour selection for neon clocks on our website. Being Australia’s most affordable and trustworthy supplier of custom neon clocks, we ensure complete protection for neon tubing. In addition, our vintage neon clock features metal and glass construction.

4. What are the types of neon clocks for businesses?

The business neon clock is available in a variety of designs, including the Beverage Neon Clock. There is also a Liquor Neon Clock, a Sports Neon Clock, an Aviation Neon Clock, an Auto Neon Clock, and a Music Neon Clock. Many modern neon clock designs are available, including the GTO Neon wall clock, Big Boy Neon Clock, Betty Boop Neon Clock, Thunderbird Neon Clock, etc. We have many neon clocks for sale to advertise your commercial products.

5. Where you can use neon clocks?

Ideal for displaying in shops, bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, game rooms, and anywhere else you can think of. In addition, in supermarkets and other large stores, neon clocks are displayed both outside and inside the structure to promote a specific product or brand. Our neon clocks are carved with the most recent 3-Dimension, surface, and line engraving technologies, giving the clocks a truly unique appearance.

Contact Us For More Details On Our Neon Clocks For Sale

If you have any questions regarding our products, you may connect with us. For example, you may contact us to know the freight charges for each of our products. Also, we request you to check our collection regularly to see what new we have to offer to our customers.
Call us on (03) 5629 2676 or fill in our contact form, and we will connect with you shortly.